Mirziyoyev extended an invitation to Emomali Rahmon to visit Uzbekistan




Today, on April 18, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan and President Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan convened for a private meeting at the state residence "Qasri Millat" in Dushanbe, as reported by the President's press service.

Their discussions primarily focused on enhancing political dialogue, fostering trade and economic ties, strengthening interregional relations, and promoting cultural exchanges.

Both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to constructive cooperation within regional frameworks and international organizations to advance Central Asia's interests and ensure its sustainable development.

The recent signing of a landmark agreement on alliance relations was highlighted as a pivotal moment in Uzbekistan-Tajikistan relations, signaling a shift towards a new phase. It was emphasized that fully realizing the potential of this alliance necessitates more effective dialogues at all levels.

Trade between the two nations has surged significantly in recent years, with a fortyfold increase in trade volume and a fifteenfold rise in joint ventures. Governments have set a target to elevate trade to $2 billion, including broadening the range of traded goods and swiftly launching cross-border trade zones.

Preceding the visit, a successful business forum was conducted, resulting in the formation of a substantial portfolio of new cooperation projects and trade agreements. These encompass mutually beneficial ventures spanning mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, energy, mining, agriculture, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

Concrete plans for implementing cooperation projects have been outlined, utilizing the potential of a joint investment company. Emphasis was placed on the importance of intensifying cultural and humanitarian exchanges, including regular film screenings, concerts, exhibitions, and youth forums. Additionally, there was a call to expand collaboration in education and develop accessible tourism programs.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev warmly invited President Emomali Rahmon to visit Uzbekistan at his convenience.


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