Singer Zohid is reportedly in a coma.  The Ministry of Health provided information on the terrible road accident

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Earlier, we reported that the former soloist of the group “Ummon” Zohid Rikhsiyev was involved in a terrible accident.  Today, the Ministry of Health supported official information about this incident.

According to the report, Zohid Rikhsiyev is currently in intensive care, connected to a respirator, and in a coma.

"Z.R., the driver of the car brought to the treatment facility in our capital, was diagnosed with an open brain injury, brain laceration, crushed head injury, soft tissue laceration of the left shoulder area, and 1–2-degree coma.

Medical personnel performed primary surgical treatment of the wound on the victim’s head.  He was anesthetized and connected to the IVL device.  His head has been tested for the necessary MSCT checks, and the internal organs have passed USE test.  Meanwhile, Z.R. is in the intensive care unit. He is connected to the breathing device.  He is provided with all necessary medical services”, - the report said.

Information was also provided on two passengers in the vehicle.  One is moderately ill and the other has been sent home for outpatient treatment after first aid.
Passenger J.Y., who was diagnosed with open brain wound, brain injury, crushing the top of the head and chest pain also receives the necessary treatment in the intensive care unit.  His condition is average.  He is conscious.

For the patient J.I., he has a closed brain injury, signs of injury on the left upper eyelid area, signs of injury and crushing to the jaw and neck area on his right side.  

After receiving appropriate medical care and following the necessary procedures, his condition was deemed satisfactory and he was sent home for outpatient treatment", the press service under the Ministry of Healthcare reported.

For reference, yesterday 29 September, at about 23:00pm, Z.R., born in 1990, lost control of his BMW car while driving from Ahmad Donish Street to Yangi shahar Street, this resulted in the accident.  Another passenger in the car - X.S. born in 1994 died on the spot.

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