A new procedure for sending an employee on a business trip is established

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Hereinafter, the duration of business trips in Uzbekistan will be determined by the head of the relevant organization.  In this case, the period should not exceed 30 calendar days, excluding the time on the road.  This was stated in the charter on business trips in the territory of Uzbekistan approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on 2 August.

According to the regulation,
The duration of the service trip of the employees, managers, and specialists sent to perform assembly, commissioning and adjustment, construction, and search works, cannot be more than 12 months.

Registration of persons going to and returning from business trips in the organization will be carried out electronically in special journals in the "UzASBO" software complex (or in the accounting information system).

The employee is subject to the working hours and rest periods of the organization to which he/she is sent.  Vacation days not used during a business trip will not be restored when returning from the business trip.

Compensation will be paid to the employee if they work on a weekend or holiday while away on the business trip.  

Furthermore, if an employee is sent on a business trip on a scheduled day off to fulfill service obligations, he will be given another day off after returning from the trip.
Employees sent to areas with harsh natural, climatic, and poor household conditions will be paid additional allowances for that area.

The employee will be reimbursed for accommodation expenses (hotel or apartment rental), travel expenses to the place of business trip and return to the permanent place of work, as well as daily expenses.

The amount of reimbursement of hotel expenses for one day should not exceed 1.5 times to 3 times of basic calculation amount (BCA), respectively.

In cases where there are no documents confirming the costs of living in the place of residence, 20 percent of the BCA will be reimbursed for each day.

According to the decision, software for the accounting of expenses of business trips and its mobile application will be developed.

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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