A Nexia 2 collided with A Kamaz and caught fire



Today 16 November, a Nexia 2 car that collided with a Kamaz caught fire on the M-39 road passing through the territory of the "Erkin" neighborhood of the Zangiota district of the Tashkent region.  This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. 

The traffic accident involving the Kamaz and the Nexia 2 occurred at approximately 09:18 a.m.

It is noted that 2 fire-rescue crews from the district emergency department arrived at the scene at 09:23a.m., the fire was surrounded at 09:25a.m. and extinguished at 09:32a.m.

It should be noted that there were no injuries or deaths as a result of the incident.

Investigations are being conducted by the Zangiota District Internal Affairs Department and the Road Traffic Safety Department and the Emergency Situations Department.


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