Why do not Uzbeks, who were forced to work as “slaves” in Kazakhstan, have objections?


Earlier, it was reported that over 60 citizens of Uzbekistan were forced to work in brick factories in Shymkent and were held in captivity. Now, most of these citizens have expressed their willingness to return to Uzbekistan if their passports are returned, and they have no objections to their employers. This information was provided by the Foreign Labor Migration Agency.

It should be noted that on October 14 of this year, more than 60 Uzbek citizens were taken to the police station in the Karatau district due to their lack of identity documents and residence permits, as a result of swift actions at brick factories in the city of Shymkent.

The situation was monitored by the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Almaty, and during the investigation, 40 citizens without documents were placed in the IIB temporary detention center in Shymkent, while 24 were accommodated in a hostel with the assistance of the 'Sana Sezim' organization.

On October 18, the identification documents of 40 citizens were found by the police department of Shymkent city. According to reports, a case is being considered against them under the Administrative Code of Kazakhstan.

"In response to this situation, a representative of the Foreign Labor Migration Agency in Shymkent interviewed these citizens at the Karatau district police station and explained their rights. The majority of the citizens expressed their intention to return to their homeland if their passports are returned, and they have no objections to their employers," the agency stated.

Furthermore, the agency is investigating a brick factory in Shymkent. They also reported an incident published on social networks where an individual claimed to have escaped from forced labor and traveled to Almaty city but was subsequently kidnapped by unknown individuals.

It is worth noting that among the 24 citizens of Uzbekistan placed in the hostel, A.A. was also among them. Currently, investigative actions are ongoing before the court.

It's worth recalling that earlier reports indicated that the owners of the brick factory, born in 1992 and 1994, who held more than 60 Uzbek citizens, were accused of human trafficking, arrested, and investigations were initiated against them.


Qozog'iston O'zbekiston majburiy mehnat Chimkent

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