Citizen who shared the video “Qorbobojon, Qorbobo...” was sentenced to 3 years in prison



A 28-year-old man who shared a video titled "Qorbobojon qorbobo, Jahannamda bor bobo," which promoted fanaticism, received a 3-year prison sentence, according to Asqar Qudratov, the press secretary of the Surkhandarya regional court, as reported by QALAMPIR.UZ.

According to reports, T.J., born in 1996 in the Surkhandarya region, shared a video on his Instagram page on January 25 of this year. The video featured a song promoting fanaticism that started with the lyrics "Qor bobojon, Qor bobo, Jahannamda bor bobo..." by an unknown artist.

During the trial, T.J. admitted guilt, stating he was unaware that sharing prohibited religious content was illegal.

The Jarkurgan District Court convicted T.J. of violating paragraph "g" of Article 244, Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan, sentencing him to 3 years in prison.


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