A girl who has lived in the Kashkadarya region under a boy's name for 20 years is issued a new birth certificate

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A girl who has lived in Kashkadarya for 20 years under the name and surname of a boy has been issued a certificate in her name.  This is reported by the newspaper “Xalq so‘zi” (the word of the nation).

During a mobile reception organized by the district civil registry office for the residents of the mountainous villages of Duob and Terakli in the Dehkanabad district, the girl, who has been living with a certificate bearing the name "Shafoatov Olim" which is a boy's name, for 20 years, applied.

It turned out that at the girl's birth she was mistakenly given a certificate with the name “Shafoatov Olim”.  Due to the negligence of the parents, the mountain village was located 180 km from the district center and it was difficult to get to the center thus, the girl's birth certificate with the incorrect boy's name, was not changed.

After applying, the girl has been issued a certificate with her name.

“Even though it is already too late, the mistake has been corrected.  After the mobile reception, we gave a certificate with the name “Shafoatova Mukaddam Ravshan’s daughter” to the girl who has lived with the certificate under the name “Shafoatov Olim," said Ozoda Ashurova, head of the Department of Civil Registration in Dekhkanabad district of Kashkadarya region.

Diyora Abdurahmonova Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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