Wages, Pensions, Allowances and Scolarships are Regularly Increased – the President



In Uzbekistan, the amount of wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships is regularly increased.  President Shavkat Mirziyoyev mentioned this today, 8th of May, in his speech dedicated to the results of the referendum.

At this meeting, new initiatives and programs to mitigate the negative effects of global climate change, food, energy, logistics risks, and water shortages were developed to further strengthen the country’s sovereignty, and actively work together with partners.  

“We declared Uzbekistan a social state.  There are more than 2,200,000 families in our country who need social assistance and receive assistance from the state.  55% of our population is young people. In our updated Constitution, the state’s social obligations have tripled.  This is easier said than done, because to ensure it in practice requires a lot of work.  It will be necessary to allocate 30-40 trillion soms annually from the state budget,” said the President.

Due to this, it was emphasized that hundreds of new kindergartens, schools and hospitals would be built every year.  Also, new opportunities will be mobilized to raise youth policy, development of education, science, culture and sports to a higher level as a priority task.

In addition, the scope of social services will be further expanded for the enlightened, lonely senior citizens, people with disabilities, the population in need of special attention, and the amount of wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships will be regularly increased.



nafaqa Shavkat Mirziyoev pensiya ish haqi stipendiya

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