“People's health has turned into a business.” Turdimov warns some doctors



"People's health has turned into a business," warns Governor Turdimov during a video session with representatives of the medical field in the Samarkand region. The regional government's information service reported that the mayor criticized various deficiencies within the medical sector, specifically addressing instances of doctors prescribing unnecessary medications in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

Turdimov expressed concern over dishonest practices, where doctors issue prescriptions without genuine medical need, contributing to the outflow of substantial funds to other countries for medication purchases. He highlighted a case where a significant amount, $482 million, was transferred from Samarkand to other nations for medicine procurement, emphasizing the negative impact on the local economy.

The governor pointed out that some doctors are misleading patients by diagnosing non-existent conditions, compelling them to purchase drugs to benefit pharmaceutical companies. He emphasized that people's health has become a lucrative business, and it is imperative to address the issue promptly.

Turdimov pledged to take strict measures against private hospitals that operate without requiring prescriptions. Legal actions will be pursued against such establishments, and the chief doctor and founder will be made accountable to the public. Turdimov urged all private clinics to maintain records and emphasized that those prioritizing wealth over public health are detrimental to themselves.

During the video session, the head of the regional health department disclosed an incident where a patient was sent to a private hospital for laboratory tests based on a questionable agreement. The hospital prescribed unnecessary expensive drugs from various companies, further exacerbating the concerns about unethical practices.

Turdimov criticized the allocation of medicines from the local budget in some medical institutions, where patients end up purchasing these drugs from street pharmacies. He stressed the need for transparency regarding available medications in hospitals, urging officials to clearly list the drugs, distinguishing between free and paid options.

The governor mandated regional health officials to digitize the system, documenting violations in numbered prescriptions and treatment plans. He proposed adding a clause to medical staff contracts, allowing dismissal for deviations from standard prescription practices.

Turdimov's commitment to addressing malpractices in both the medical and retail sectors underscores his dedication to public welfare. This initiative follows his previous warnings to shopkeepers selling expired products, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the well-being of the citizens of Samarkand.


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