Now, in Uzbekistan, protective orders are also issued for children's welfare




To safeguard children from various forms of violence, protective orders are now granted, as reported by the lower house of parliament.

This initiative is outlined in the proposed legislation titled "On the Protection of Children from All Forms of Violence," which was submitted to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis by the Cabinet of Ministers. It outlines the primary objectives of state policy regarding safeguarding children from violence, designates state bodies and organizations responsible for this task, and delineates their authorities.

Furthermore, the draft legislation addresses the involvement of parents or guardians in protecting children from violence, delineates their responsibilities, and outlines measures for preventing violence against children within educational institutions.

The development of this legislation drew upon the experiences of several countries, including Germany, France, Denmark, Singapore, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, and Georgia.

Currently, the draft legislation is undergoing initial review by the Legislative Chamber's Committee on Democratic Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Self-Governing Bodies of Citizens.

It's worth noting that the Ministry of Justice's draft legislation "On the Protection of Children from All Forms of Violence" previously outlined the procedure for issuing protective orders.


O'zbekiston bolalar himoya orderi

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