Aid in the amount of about 10 million soms will be allocated to those released from prison

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Citizens whose terms of sentence ended in Uzbekistan will now receive 9.2 million soms.  This is stated in the Presidential Charter on the procedure of providing the “package of primary social assistance” to facilitate the social adaptation of citizens who have served their sentence.

The charter establishes the procedure for the provision of a “first aid kit” to facilitate the social adaptation of citizens who have served a sentence of improvement.

The allowance is paid once to each recipient for the implementation of projects in such areas as entrepreneurship, architecture, and crafts (10 times the minimum wage - 9 million 200 thousand. som) to facilitate its social adaptation.

The amount of aid is allocated on the basis of decisions by interdepartmental permanent committees.

The recipients must submit an application with their project to the relevant working body of the state within 3 months after serving the whole term of the sentence.

Preparation of a conclusion on the appropriateness of project financing is based on the following criteria:

• the efficiency and profitability of the business, architecture, or craft the individual wants to start;

• positive recommendation of the neighbor citizen’s gathering;

• low income or loneliness;

• having a disabled or minor child in their care;

• having many (4 or more) children and need financial support;

• living in non-residential areas.

Diyora Abdurahmonova Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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