Hereinafter vacant buildings and lands will not be taxed



As of 1 July, of the current year, the application of increased rates of property and land tax on vacant buildings and plots of land will be abolished.  This was stated in the decree of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, signed yesterday 28 June, “On measures to create favorable conditions for business during the tax administration reform”.

According to the decree, the effective mechanism of taxation on unused real estate will be abolished from 1 July of the current year - increased property and land tax rates will not apply to vacant buildings, unused production areas, non-residential buildings, as well as unfinished construction projects and land plots occupied by these facilities, termination of tax benefits and preferences will be cancelled.

From 1 July, 2022:

• certificate of special registration for value-added tax for business entities recognized as mandatory payers of the value-added tax will be issued automatically without clarification of the level of tax risk.  In this case, the activities of business entities are monitored by the tax authorities, and during the monitoring, the detection of tax risk cases is subject to the suspension of the certificate of special registration for value-added tax;

• validity of the certificate of special registration for value-added tax of taxpayers with a high level of tax risk will be suspended if the shortcomings are not eliminated within the period after the notification of the tax authorities five working days in advance (except for cases when the transactions (operations) do not correspond to the nomenclature of goods (services) purchased and sold or taxpayer does not exist at the address where he or she is registered)   

Also, until 1 March 2023:

• no financial penalties for incorrectly reflecting the identification codes of goods (services) in the invoices or checks of cash registers will be imposed;

• it is voluntary for business entities to record all transactions related to the accounting of fixed assets, intangible assets, and inventories, as well as the formation and reduction of their authorized capital into the portal of “E-aktiv”


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