The former governor of Karshi, who caused 60 billion soms worth of damage to the state, was put under house arrest



A request by the regional prosecutor's office for the arrest of the former mayor of Karshi city, Jamshid Fazilov, who is suspected of causing more than 60 billion soms of damage to the state's interests, was rejected, and a preventive measure of house arrest was given.  This was reported by the regional prosecutor's office.

It was determined that during the tenure of J. Fozilov as the governor of Karshi from 9 July 2016 to 26 October 2019, the members of the standing committee were to review the issues of ownership, use, and lease (realization) of land plots under the administration.  The city Deputy  for Construction U.Avazov, Chief Legal Consultant of the City government Sh. Bukharov, Chief City Architect Sh. Boronov, Head of the Karshi city branch of the Chamber of State Cadastres M.Khushov and others with land areas in the territory of Karshi made a prior criminal conspiracy to illegally provide other infrastructure facilities based on forged documents.

Thus, during 2018-2019, in 54 cases, the total cost was 60 billion, 512 million.  A total of 463,212.13 sq.m. Illegal land allotment without auction sales is based on invalidated Cabinet of Ministers' decisions by members of criminal groups or documents prepared with the inclusion of false information and records that are not the basis for decision-making. was the cause of looting by making decisions about

According to the ruling of the Karshi city court on criminal cases dated 20/10/2022, the request for detention submitted by the regional prosecutor's office was rejected and house arrest was applied.

Following the decision of the court, the prosecutor of Karshi city submitted a protest to the appellate instance of the regional court on criminal cases in the procedure of appeal.

"After the final decision of the regional court on criminal cases, additional appropriate action will be taken on the criminal case," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.


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