What kind of weather awaits Uzbeks on weekends?



On weekends, the weather will be cloudy, precipitation is not expected.  The air temperature will rise a little.  This was reported by the Center of the Republican Hydrometeorological Service.

On July 22-23 of this year, the daytime temperature will be around 37-40 degrees, and in the south and desert regions it will be 41-43 degrees.

During the coming week, hot air will enter the territory of Uzbekistan and the air temperature will increase by 1-2 degrees.

On July 21-23 of this year, the weather will be cloudy in the capital Tashkent, precipitation is not expected.  The wind blows from the east at a speed of 3-8 m/s.  The temperature is expected to be 38-40 degrees during the weekend.


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