Summer Forecast for Uzbekistan: What to Expect in Terms of Heat?



The Hydrometeorological Service Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan has released information regarding the weather expected in Uzbekistan during the upcoming summer season.

According to the report, June will commence with moderately hot weather.  At the start of the month, temperatures will range between 34-37 degrees Celsius.  In the following five days, temperatures will rise to 37-40 degrees Celsius, reaching 40-43 degrees Celsius in the southern and desert regions.  These temperatures will persist until the beginning of the second week.

During the first ten days of June, most parts of Uzbekistan will experience dry weather, with the exception of some mountainous regions where isolated thunderstorms may occur.

In the second and third weeks of June, temperatures will range from 36-39 degrees Celsius, while the northern, southern, and desert regions of the country will experience temperatures around 42 degrees Celsius.  Overall, the 3rd of June is expected to be 2-3 degrees warmer than usual.

Although brief periods of rain may occur in certain areas on specific days, the overall rainfall in June is predicted to be below average.

The agency stated, "In July and August, there is a 60-70% probability of slightly above-normal temperatures, remaining within the typical range. While the summer will not be exceptionally hot, temperatures may reach 40-42 degrees Celsius, with the northern, southern, and desert regions possibly experiencing temperatures of 43-45 degrees Celsius.  Intermittent periods of very hot weather cannot be ruled out.  This is a characteristic of the Central Asian climate."

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the 21st century, only the summers of 2003 and 2009 were slightly below average, while all other summers have been at or above average in terms of temperature.  Since 2015, every summer season has seen above-normal temperatures.





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