The number of complaints received in relation to the referendum is revealed by the Prosecutor General's Office



During a briefing held today 1st May, Deputy Prosecutor General Shahrukh Aminov reported that his office had received seven inquiries from concerned citizens regarding potential violations of the law during the recent referendum.  Of these, five pertained to Tashkent city, one to Samarkand region and one to the Namangan region. 

Aminov went on to explain that his office had detected five violations through internet monitoring, while one had been reported directly to the Central Election Commission, and one had been reported through the prosecutor's office hotline number (1007).  After conducting thorough investigations, four of these cases were found to be unsubstantiated, while the requests of citizens in the remaining two cases were granted.

One case is still under investigation, involving a member of the commission of referendum precinct No. 772 in Almazor district, named N.T., who allegedly took 16 ballot papers and marked them on behalf of family members.  These ballots were subsequently annulled and removed from the general count, with the tampered ballots also being identified and segregated.  The Tashkent city prosecutor's office is currently investigating the matter.

Aminov emphasized that all cases are being investigated thoroughly and objectively, with the aim of ensuring full compliance with the law.  He also praised the effectiveness of the various measures, including analysis, control, surveillance, and monitoring, which have been put in place to maintain the legality of the referendum process.  


Bosh prokuratura referendum shikoyatlar

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