“We have already spoiled the fir feast.”  The State Test Center responds to the news that the test questions spread on the Internet



On 8 August, test exams for admission to State higher education institutions began in Uzbekistan.  As soon as the exams began, photos of test questions were distributed on social networks.  Photos were commented as follows: “Fir Feast began”.

The State Test Center reacted to the distribution of test questions and noted that the “Fir Feast ended before it began”.

“As some telegram channels wrote, the Fir Feast has not started.  We apologize for spoiling the “Fir Feast”.

“Please continue to publish various pictures in Telegram channels, and we will show that everything is under control and will ensure transparency and fairness of processes”, - the report of the State Test Center says.

It was reported that the booklet containing questions on chemistry, but without the number of test items, was related to the tests held on 8 August in the Fergana region and this applicant used the phone during the test, and was excluded from the test based on the document.

In addition, a booklet with questions on mathematics, but the number of test items were not visible, referred to diagnostic tests, and this collection of test items was not related to entrance tests for bachelor of higher education, that were taking place on 8 August.


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