The AIMC condemns the death threats to Matviyenko



The Agency of Information and Mass Communications in Uzbekistan condemned the threats that were made against Irina Matviyenko, founder of the independent "Sukut saklama" ("Nemolchi") project, and has requested that the General Prosecutor's Office take action to legally assess the situation by issuing a formal letter.

According to Article 10 of the "On the Protection of Journalism" law, a journalist must ensure their protection while carrying out activities related to their profession.

Additionally, Article 14 of the same law stipulates that the journalist's life is protected by law and threats to health, property, and violence or aggression are grounds for legal action.  Such protective guarantees are expressed in Article 5 of the "On Mass Media" law.  

"AIMC (Agency of Information and Media Communications) strongly condemns such cases as acts contrary to the new openness policy of ensuring freedom of speech and information, free activity of journalists.  Accordingly, AIMC sent an official letter to the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate the reality and make a legal assessment of the situation," the AIMC statement says.  

The agency has pledged to closely monitor the ongoing investigation and is optimistic that the journalist's safety will be ensured, and that legal action will be taken against those who have threatened against the law.  

On 3rd of May, public activist Irina Matviyenko announced that she had temporarily left Uzbekistan dure to receiving death threats from an unknown individual.  The Cyber Security Center of the Rapid Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is currently investigating the matter.  


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