Persons attempting to unlawfully facilitate the immigration of citizens to America have been apprehended



Instances of fraudulent activities related to immigration to America have been halted in Bukhara, the Samarkand region, and Tashkent, as reported by the State Security Service.

In Tashkent, three individuals, born in 1979, 1999, and 2001, were apprehended for conspiring to traffic visa documents for six citizens in exchange for $32,000, intending to send them to work in the United States via Europe.

Further investigations revealed that one of the suspects had received $3,900 upfront for this illicit scheme.

In a separate incident in Bukhara, a repeat offender born in 1997 gained the trust of a 32-year-old compatriot, fraudulently securing a US visa and demanding $40,000 to facilitate their employment in the United States. However, upon receiving $30,000 in advance, the perpetrator was apprehended by the State Security Service and the General Prosecutor's Office.

State Security Service operatives in the Samarkand region, in collaboration with relevant agencies, swiftly apprehended two individuals born in 1989 and 1995, who had conspired to extort $23,000 from a Samarkand resident in exchange for facilitating their journey to the United States via a circuitous route through Uzbekistan, Turkey, Portugal, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Similarly, in another case, an individual from Samarkand demanded $18,000 to smuggle a district resident into the United States via Uzbekistan, Turkey, Spain, Honduras, and Mexico, receiving $10,000 upfront before being apprehended.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against these individuals under relevant sections of the Criminal Code, with ongoing investigations.


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