Abbosbek Fayzullayev will not participate in the final of the Asian Cup



Abbosbek Fayzullayev, a player from CSKA in Moscow, won't be able to join the Uzbekistan Olympic team for the U-23 Asian Cup final held in Qatar. The Uzbekistan Football Association (UFA) press service confirmed this absence.

Today, on May 1, Fayzullayev departed for Moscow to prepare for upcoming crucial matches, as per the agreement between UEFA and CSKA.

“The UFA would like to show gratitude to the CSKA for facilitating Fayzullaev's participation in the national team's journey to secure an Olympic berth,” the source stated. 

It's worth noting that earlier announcements indicated the absence of Hojimat Erkinov and Abduqodir Husanov from the final lineup.


Qatar TsSKA Olimpiya Abbosbek Fayzullaev

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