Two employees of the Internal Affairs Department were arrested after the death of a 14-year-old boy



A criminal case was initiated against 2 employees of the Internal Affairs Department in connection with the death of a 14-year-old boy who died in an internal affairs institution in Fergana.  The General Prosecutor's Office provided information about this.

It is noted that 2 former employees of the internal affairs office barely attended to their assigned tasks, treated their obligations with indifference and dishonesty, and as a result of their failure to do their jobs, minor R. Abdusattorov (deceased), who was detained in the center, was killed by two other minors.  During the day the child was regularly beaten and severely injured. This resulted in his death.  

In connection with this situation, a former teacher from the center of the Internal Affairs Department and an inspector-on-duty of that shift, were held as suspects under Article 207, Part 3, Clause "a" of the Criminal Code (scarcely looking at their duties).  They were detained under the procedure of Article 221 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

"Prison" precautionary measures were applied to them.

It should be recalled that on 10 November, two people who allegedly caused the death of a 14-year-old boy, who was taken away by an internal affairs officer in Fergana, were arrested.

Earlier, the Prosecutor's Office of Fergana region also reacted to the situation.  On October 16 of this year, minor R.A. born in 2007, was walking in the "Ansar" shopping complex located in the village of Buvayda district, Yangigurgon without the supervision of his parents.  When attempting to steal in the complex, he was caught by officers from the internal affairs department, and the head of the district IIB.  According to today's decision, the Public Security Service of the Regional Internal Affairs Department located in the city of Ko'kan was placed in the Offenses Prevention Department.

On 17 October, minor R.A.'s health worsened and he fainted.  City emergency medical personnel were called, and despite providing medical assistance, he died while being taken to the hospital.

According to the preliminary conclusion of the forensic examination, the cause of the deceased's death was "a closed head injury, hemorrhage under the dura mater, and brain tissue injury."

In connection with this situation, on 18 October, the Kokan City Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal case under Article 104, Part 3, Clause "d" of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan (inflicting serious bodily injury that caused the death of the victim.)

During the investigation, charges were announced against two persons directly involved in the crime, and an "imprisonment" precautionary measure was used.  Also, in connection with the situation, a service inspection was appointed against the employees of the Crime Prevention Department of the Public Security Service of the Internal Affairs Department.


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