From 1 December, the calculation of penalty points will be launched as a test



From 1 December of this year, the system for calculating penalty points for drivers will be launched in test mode.  This was reported by the Traffic Safety Service of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It turns out that violations are automatically recorded in the software. While working in the test mode, all errors and shortcomings in the system and committed violations are identified step by step.  Also, errors are eliminated and improved.

To prevent possible objections from the public, points for violations detected during the test mode will not be taken into account.

The software will be launched after it has been tested and the identified errors and deficiencies have been eliminated.  After that, penalty points are calculated for violations committed by drivers.

Earlier, it was reported that the procedure for calculating penalty points for drivers who violate the rules will come into force on 1 December of this year.


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