Millions in the air. Conflict between Turkish actors in Tashkent.  

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Yesterday 15 September, at a creative party dedicated to the days of Turkish cinema, organized within the XIV International Film Festival «Masterpiece of the Silk Road» in Tashkent, a conflict occurred.  This was reported on the social media page of film critic and journalist Shohira Hamro.

At the beginning of the event, nine Turkish actors went up on stage.  These were: Mustafa Ogur Yagchioglu, Pynar Yazchioglu, Nozif Tunch, Murad Aydin, Azra Akyn, Gizem Lidia Denizci, Sardor Goekhan, Chelal Al, Tuba Unsul.

According to Shohira Hamro, the misunderstanding at the event began when the presenters were invited to the stage by Nurgul Yashilchoi and Buraka Ozcivit.

"Nine actors from Turkey came on stage and turned respectfully to the audience.  However, when the hosts welcomed two particular celebrities to the stage, they did not come out.  Finally, Nurgul Yashilchoy came out from the corner of the stage and stopped there.  The compatriot looked at his colleagues, put his hands in his pockets, and stood up.  Unable to pick up the extended microphone, he leaned over to the microphone in the host’s hand and said, “Hi, how are you?”  Without going to sit next to other actors, he went backstage, Yashilchoy did not return.  Burak-ku did not appear at all», - she said.

«When Burak came to the stage, people from the embassy and «burakoveds» reserved the empty seats for 9 actors.  A woman in the hall ran to the stage and to Burak.  I saw that Burak was stuck in the crowd, I could not see any guards.  I felt sorry for Burak, if anything, the organizers caused problems.  Yelling "Guard," didnt help, the cry got lost in the crowd.  When I looked back, young Uzbek girls, our «ideal», «dream», «believer», were swarming to Burak. «I said in Turkish: «May Allah help me die», - and left the hall», - he said.

After that, the event continued with nine actors on the stage, and the son of the journalist Aibek Weisal took turns talking to them.  At the end of the interview, Nurgul Yashilchu returned to the stage after the audience with gifts were escorted to their seats, and the misunderstanding between the actors continued.

«Nurgul came to the stage, and Sardar Gokhan, who has worked in the film industry for 58 years, playing all kinds of roles from «kings to slaves», as he says, jumped onto the stage.  I took the mic and said, "Don’t be mad at me for ruining our show.  It is a pity that these two colleagues, who are doing well in their industry, refused to sit on the stage with us, in fact, they are unworthy of being among us.  Do not judge a person by his appearance, his actions show who he/she is.  We can no longer watch the foolish sight of these two and swallow the insults in silence.  We will leave this place right now.", he said, and the nine Turkish artists left the hall.  

epresentatives of the Embassy also left after them, and thus damaged the interest in today’s event.  Yashilchoy couldn’t stay in the hall anymore, says Shohira Hamro.

Although the situation was tense, the knot was untied by the appearance of another Turkish movie star, Burak Ozchivit.  He also talked to the presenters alone on the stage.  However, according to the report, at the end of the event, the audience bared down on Burak Uzchivit, and the guards had disappeared somewhere.

"When Burak appeared on the stage, the people from the embassy and the "burak experts" bared down on the empty seats of the 9 actors.  A woman in the hall started running towards the stage and towards Burak.  I saw that Burak was stuck in the crowd, not a single guard was visible.  I felt sorry for Burak, if something happened, the organizers would be in trouble.  I shouted "Guard", but it had no effect.  When I looked back, young Uzbek girls who are our "ideals", "dreamers" and "believers" were swarming Burak. "I said in Turkish, 'May Allah help you' and I left the hall," she said.

After the event, several journalists and bloggers reacted to the situation through their Facebook pages.

According to journalist Dilshoda Matzhonova, Burak Ozcivit and Nurgul Yashilchoy did not appear at the evening breakfast.

“Poor Nurgul froze after a representative of the Turkish team on stage and defiantly left the hall. In order to relieve the situation Shahzad Muhammedov said: “We wanted to call two actors separately, there was a misunderstanding.”  Neither Nurgul nor Burak was seen at the evening breakfast.  I cannot say that the mood of the others was good”, he said.

According to the adviser of the Minister of Justice Shahnoza Soatova, actors need to be fined, otherwise the Tashkent International Film Festival will become a platform to clarify the relations of departed stars.

«Give such people money and call Turkish actors, and let them ruin someone’s holiday» Let them return the fee with fines and compensation for moral damage.  So many spectators? There are always questions about whether too much money was spent and what to do.  You need to explain as much as possible why there are film festivals.  There is no other way.  After a wedding there are sometimes quarrels.  Remember when the host was slapped on stage during the last "Oscars"?  Such people and actors are emotional.  However, it is also necessary to show them that there is a price (Will Smith apologized, but was suspended from attending the Oscars for several years.). Otherwise, the Tashkent International Film Festival may turn into a «platform to clarify relations» of departed stars - This is the type of "reputation" that I do not want, Soatov said.

For reference, Nurgul Yashilchoy was born on 26 March 1976 in Afyonkarahisor.  Yashilchu, who studied diplomatic art, began her career as an actress in 2001. She is well known to the Uzbek audience for the roles of Bahar in the series «Ishkomli Uy», E'zo in the series «Kelin», Kosem Sultan in the series «Kösem».

Burak Ozcivit was born on 24 December 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey.  He studied fine arts and film. He began modeling in 2003 and acting in 2006.  Burak Ozcivit is well known to the Uzbek audience for the roles of Balla Bey in the series «Mukhtasham yuz yyl», Kamrona in the series «Cholikushi», Kamala in «Sevgi iztirib», Osman I in «Kurilish: Usman». series.


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