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Yesterday, the 18th May, the theater and film actor, director, and writer Rustam Orazayev, died in Moscow at the age of 65.  This was reported by the Press Service of the Cinematography Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It is worth noting that the cause of the actor’s death was a long illness.

For information, Rustam Orazayev was born on 21st January 1958, in Tashkent.  He studied at the Department of Design and Artistic Decoration of the University of Arts and History at the Tashkent State University.

Rustam Orazayev started his acting career in 1974.  He worked in various film studios of the country.  He played more than 50 roles in theater and cinema.  He has starred in films such as The Doctor, Alias Alban, The Trail, The Sword, Women’s Tales, The Fifth Guard and directed Spider-Man 11 (2017).   After some time, Rustam Orazayev continued his work in Russia.

Film critic and journalist Shahira Hamro added that Rustam Orazayev had also acted in the films “Angel in Fire” and “Shock”.


O'zbek kino Rustam O'razaev

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