The president gives additional preferences to tourist villages and travelers

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Hereinafter, every year, 200 young people from tourist villages will receive free training at tourism colleges at the expense of the state budget.  This was announced today, 26 April by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at a conference on measures to further develop the tourism industry, expand the domestic tourism market, increase the number of tourist facilities and improve the activities of museums.

At the conference, the Head of State announced additional preferences for tourism villages.  In particular, from 1 July:
• entrepreneurs who opened guest houses, catering and trade facilities, entertainment establishments in tourist villages will pay turnover tax and social tax at a rate of 1% and property, land and water tax at the rate of only 1% of a calculated amount for 3 years;
• up to 50 million som will be allocated for the construction of guest houses in these villages, up to 300 million som for the construction of nomad camps and eco-houses, and up to 300 million som for the construction of tent camps.  For example, residents of the villages of Taragay and Langar of the Chirakchi district initiated the construction of at least 100 guest houses;
• every year 200 youths from tourist villages will receive free education at tourism colleges at the expense of the state budget.

In addition, this year, 250 billion sum and $50 million will be allocated for 2,500 projects in 135 specialized neighborhoods (makhallas). 100 billion som will be provided from budget for the construction of guest houses.

In addition, from 1 September, the followings will be refunded for citizens traveling around Uzbekistan:
• 15% of the cost of air, train, and bus tickets (up to 200,000 sum for air transport, up to 100,000 sum for railway and bus);
• 20% of hotel accommodation costs (up to 80 thousand sum per day);
• 50% of the ticket price for museums and other cultural facilities (for one object – up to 20 thousand som).
Also, the necessity of additional air, rail, and bus services to create favorable conditions for active travel of the population on holidays and festivals was emphasized. So up to 50% discount on tickets will be provided.
Yulduz Abdurashidova Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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