The President has mandated the establishment of mineral fertilizer storage facilities in 70 districts




During a meeting focused on prioritizing tasks and plans in the agricultural sector, chaired by the President, an order was issued to set up mineral fertilizer storage warehouses across 70 districts.

The importance of daily monitoring of fertilizer stock levels in these warehouses and prompt replenishment of any shortages was underscored.

To achieve this, an increase in the daily volume of mineral fertilizer released on the stock exchange from February to April, from 6 thousand tons to 9 thousand tons, was instructed.

Concerns were raised at the meeting regarding fertilizer quality and pricing discrepancies in certain districts.

Furthermore, the President directed officials to propose favorable financial mechanisms for farmers to purchase fertilizers independently, such as installment payments with bank or insurance guarantees, or reducing interest rates on commercial loans.

The mandatory registration procedure for transporting mineral fertilizers from local warehouses to clusters and farmers via the logistics portal will be eliminated.

It also stressed the need to enhance oversight to ensure timely fuel delivery to farmers.


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