The amount of non-taxable income of disabled persons is increased



The Tax Code Law has been amended by the Law № O’RQ-767.  This was adopted yesterday, 5 May.  The Ministry of Justice reported this.

According to amendments to the temporary tax exemptions, taxpayers who are entitled to a full exemption from property tax and land tax, who have temporary tax preferences, will pay these taxes at the rate of 1% in accordance with the decisions of the president or the government ( this procedure will come into force after 3 months).

The funds transferred to the public fund of Support of Children will be deducted when determining the tax base for the calculation of income tax.

Persons with disabilities since childhood, as well as persons with disabilities of groups I and II, are not subject to income tax in the amount of 3 times of the minimum amount of wage (2 million 466 thousand som) (previously it was 1.41 times the size of minimum amount of the wage – 1 million 159 thousand som).

This procedure also applies to relations that have arisen since 1 March 2022.

The land under the new gardens, vineyards, and mulberry trees is exempt from land tax for 5 years.  Before, this preference period was 3 years.

This procedure also applies to relations that have arisen since 1 January 2022.


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