The Ministry of Preschool Education reacts to the fact that the deaths of 3 children in kindergartens were recorded in 6 days

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As reported earlier, in the last 6 days, 3 cases related to the death of children were recorded in kindergartens.  The Ministry of Preschool Education reacted to this situation.

It is noted that the parents of all three children, while knowing about their child's illness, submitted a medical certificate, which showed that their child was completely healthy, to the preschool educational institution.  If the information provided by the parents in the summary of the child's medical card included the types of diseases, it would have been clear how to provide first aid.

"In order to prevent such situations, the Ministry of Preschool Education is developing a special program to train the preschool pedagogues to provide first aid.

In addition, with the support of the Ministry of Preschool Education, Tashkent Institute of Pediatric Medicine, Tashkent Medical Training Institute, and UNICEF, an electronic platform was developed for the purpose of quality organization of medical services in the preschool education system.  "At the moment, 8,612 nurses work in the system of the Ministry of Preschool Education, 26 of them have a higher education," - the report said.

According to the information of the Ministry, during 2021-2022, as a result of studying the activities of the system of pre-school education, shortcomings were identified.

In particular, the organization of activities and conduct of events in cooperation with district health departments and attached polyclinics was not established.  Due to the lack of coherence between the polyclinics and pre-school education organizations, district departments of preschool education, and district medical associations, complete information on the health status of children when admitted to preschool education organizations cannot be obtained.

"According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 391 dated 13 May 2019, it was established that the training of medical staff of state pre-school educational organizations should be carried out free of charge at least once every three years in training institutions of the health system.

The number of nurses of pre-school education organizations who have improved their qualifications in the last 5 years (2018-2022) are 3467 in the republic.  This is 40.2 percent of the total number of nurses working in preschool educational organizations. The remaining 5145 (59.8 percent) did not upgrade their qualifications in 5 years," – the report of the Ministry of Preschool Education said.

It should be recalled that an 8-year-old girl died in a kindergarten in Kashkadarya on 28 July, a 5-year-old boy in a kindergarten in Namangan on 1 August, and a 5-year-old boy died in a kindergarten in Khorezm on 3 August.  In addition, on 21 April of the current year, a 4-year-old student of a kindergarten in Andijan passed away.

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