Will additional holidays be introduced in schools? The Ministry of Public Education commented



On social networks, bloggers and other users are making suggestions that schoolchildren should be given an extra holiday in cold weather.  Does the Ministry of Public Education plan to take special measures in this regard? To clarify this, QALAMPIR.UZ contacted the press secretary of the Ministry, Layla Rustamova.

"Officials of our ministry are carefully monitoring the proposals on social networks.  We have news about offers for winter vacation outside the regular season.  However, at the moment there are no plans to stop the educational process and change the duration of vacations.  Everything will continue according to the established program.  The end of the second quarter and the New Year's holiday will be given within the specified time," says Layla Rustamova.

According to him, the situation in schools is regularly monitored.  In each region, staff has been established to spend the autumn-winter season without pay.  In cases where the heating system is defective or has an accident, prompt measures are taken to eliminate the deficiencies.

It is no secret that the school heating system works well in Tashkent, but it is a little difficult to implement it in other regions.  Are there any problems or complaints related to this, especially in the remote areas of the republic? The press secretary answered this question:

"No, in the event of a problem, measures to eliminate it will be taken by the staff organized in the places.  So far, no complaints have been received by the Public Relations Officers, in case of any complaints, a quick elimination measure will be taken."





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