It is proposed to ban wearing the burqa in Kazakhstan



In Kazakhstan, it is proposed to check the wearing of the burqa in public. This was reported by the publication ""

It is noted that Ermurat Bapi, a member of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense, and Security of the Lower House of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has developed the necessary draft law regulating issues related to religion and subversive or non-traditional religious expressions.

"After the adoption of the law, many issues will be resolved in the country, including how to react when students go to school in religious clothing. I am one of the initiators of this bill and I know what norms will be included in it, but I cannot say anything in advance, as the norms of the document will be discussed at the meeting of the working group," said the deputy.

To go back, in 2023, changes and additions were made to the Criminal and Administrative Responsibility Codes of Uzbekistan, signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on October 31. According to these changes, a fine was imposed for wearing clothes that cover the face.

According to the law, a significant fine of 10 to 15 times the BHM (from 3,300,000 to 4,950,000 soums) is imposed on a person who covers their face in a way that hinders identification in public. In such cases, there are some exceptions, such as when there is a permit or when an employee's work requires it.


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