More than 100 fish that had been registered in “Red Book” were caught in Kashkadarya

Crime 7870

The individuals who caught more than 100 fish, that had been registered in the “Red Book” in the Hissar State Reserve in the Kashkadarya region (oblast), have been detained.  This was reported by the regional department of ecology and environmental protection.

It is reported that on 31 May of the current year the guards of the department “Kyzylsu” Reserve, located in Yakkabagh district, conducted an inspection of the upper borders of the department ‘Kyzylsu” Reserve.  The inspection revealed that 3 citizens had illegally entered the reserve.

One of the men escaped when they were stopped by the reserve security guards.  When the two perpetrators were identified, it was found that they were the citizens S.A. and S.B who live in the Tashkurgan village of “Galaba” neighborhood citizen's gathering, Kasbi district, Kashkadarya region.  The identity of the escaped citizen remains unknown as the offenders who are S.A. and S.B. said they did not recognize him.

When checking the luggage of the offenders, items found included 1 hunting weapon registered in the name of A.S, the skull, horns and meat from a Siberian Mountain goat, documents relating to firearms, 2 used and 11 unused cartridges, 2 ration apparatus, 1 knife, 1 pair of binoculars, 1 fishing net, and 115 rare Amudarya flower fish which are listed in the “Red Book” of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  These were recorded.  The relevant documents about the incident were issued by the security officers.

On 3 June 2022, all the collected documents relating to the offense, as well as the hunting equipment, were transferred to the Yakkabagh police department for storage and trial, with a request to clarify the identity of the escaped citizen.

It is noted that the Yakkabag district Department of Internal Affairs is currently investigating the case.  The amount of fines and damage to the nature caused by the offenders were calculated by officials of the reserve on 3 June 2022, formalized in accordance with the established procedure, and transferred to the law enforcement agencies.

Seized illegal hunting products, including fish, goats, and others have been duly registered and are being kept as exhibits in connection with this violation.

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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