The first Uzbek Hajj pilgrims arrive in Madinah after a two-year break

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This morning 18 June, Uzbek pilgrims who flew from the Tashkent International Airport to Medina arrived at the holy place safely after a two-year break.  This is reported by the press service under the Muslim Board.

“Our compatriots were well welcomed by the Saudi organizers and are served at a high level”, - the report said.

It is noted that after the pilgrims stayed in the hotel, they began to pray sincerely and with faith.

For reference, pilgrims will be sent between 18-30 June on the routes Tashkent-Madinah, Bukhara-Madinah, Namangan-Madinah, Samarkand-Madinah, Karshi-Madinah, Urgench-Madinah, Nukus-Madinah and between 14-31 July will return via the aforementioned routes.

The largest number of pilgrims this year was recorded in Namangan, with a total of 3,916 passengers for the upcoming 16 flights to Saudi Arabia.  The number of pilgrims departing from the capital is slightly lower - it is expected that 15 flights to Saudi Arabia will take 3,587 passengers.  5 aircraft with 1209 passengers on board from Karshi, 3 flights with 735 passengers from Samarkand, 3 flights with 717 passengers from Bukhara, 2 airliners with 490 passengers from Urgench, and one flight from Nukus with 246 pilgrims will go on the trip.

Yulduz Abdurashidova Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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