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Now, in Uzbekistan, if information on traffic violations is not received within 48 hours, it may be invalid.  The draft law on this matter was considered and adopted today, April 23, in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis.

 The draft law on amendments and additions to the Code of Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan was considered in the first reading.  According to the draft law, in cases where traffic rules are violated using automated photo and video recording equipment, if there is no information about the owner of the vehicle, as well as recorded using special automated photo and video recording equipment  If information on traffic violations is not sent to the official authorized to issue a fine within 48 hours, the case will be terminated.

 In addition, the project envisages the establishment of administrative liability for offenses committed during the operation of small electric motor vehicles and individual mobility vehicles (committed by a person driving a scooter, moped, bicycle, individual mobility vehicle, wheelbarrow).

 Also, Article 171 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility, to introduce a procedure for the termination of administrative cases conducted in connection with violations committed by vehicles of ambulance and fire-rescue units without excessive red tape is being determined.

 The draft law was adopted by deputies in the first reading.


radar jarima yo'l harakati qoidalari

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