The number of casualties in Bukhara has risen



Previously, there was a report of a collision between a school bus and a truck in Bukhara, resulting in one fatality. Now, the toll from the incident has increased by one person, according to the Road Safety Service.

A passenger from the bus, hospitalized after the accident, passed away on March 19, despite receiving medical care.

Contrary to rumors circulating on social media, the bus driver's reported death in the hospital due to the accident is unfounded, as confirmed by the traffic safety service.

The bus driver, admitted with injuries, is currently undergoing medical treatment at the Bukhara City Medical Association.

For reference, the incident occurred on March 18 around 10:30 at the intersection of the A-380b and 4R-69 highways in the Kogon district of Bukhara region. The collision involved a bus driven by O.Sh. (born in 1991) and a truck driven by M.M. (born in 1984).

Following the incident, a criminal case was initiated under Article 266 of the Criminal Code by the internal affairs investigative body of Bukhara region, with an immediate investigation launched into the matter.

Furthermore, an investigation by the Prosecutor's Office of Bukhara region revealed serious legal violations by certain officials regarding the transportation and supervision of school children by bus. Consequently, a criminal case was opened under Article 207 of the Criminal Code.


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